Music Therapy Sessions

Shore Sound Music Therapy offers group and individual music therapy sessions.  Therapeutic goals are decided in collaboration with clients, and a music therapy program evolves to work toward these goals.  It is a common misconception that to take part in music therapy, a client must have previous musical skills or experience.  This is false!  Music therapy is for anyone who feels a connection with music.

Daycare/School Groups

We offer group music sessions at daycare centres and schools.  Sessions are 30-45 minutes, and include an introduction to foundational music concepts with a therapeutic focus on supporting healthy social and emotional development in children.

End-of-Life Services

Shore Sound Music Therapy offers a unique consultation service for families planning sacred or secular funerals or celebrations of life.  The Music Therapist will meet with family members to hear stories and memories about your deceased loved one, and will then design meaningful and personalized musical elements for your event- as much or as little as you prefer- instrumental and/or vocal, ensemble or individual performances.

Educational Workshops

We offer group workshops and educational in-services for health and wellness organizations considering adding music therapy to their programming, or for health professionals interested in learning about how and why music therapy works, and when referrals to music therapy might be an appropriate alternative to traditional/more familiar modalities.



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